Man Behind ‘Storm Area 51’ Craze Announces Officially Permitted Music Festival


Even though the plans to break into the top-secret US Air Force base, as the Facebook event-turned meme suggested, had to be cancelled amid the military pledge to protect it, the 20-year-old organiser is now inviting all alien hunters to party at the so-called Alienstock festival.

The organisers of the meme “Storm Area 51” event have shared an official permit to hold the music festival in the area near the classified US military base in Nevada, considered by conspiracy theorists the government’s hideaway for evidence of extraterrestrial life.

“We had to jump through some hoops to make this legitimate. Alienstock is happening- just got this bad boi [sic] approved!” they shared on the Facebook page that stormed headlines earlier this year after millions signed up to break into the so-called “Area 51” and search for aliens.

They also shared the document allowing them to set up the “temporary mass gathering” Alienstock from 19 to 21 September in the town of Rachel, Nevada.

As Matty Roberts, 20, who is behind this summer craze, told Metro they got approved “for our final frikken [sic] permit”.

“Really though it amazes me how smoothly this has gone, I think the majority of Lincoln County is just very excited to be part of something global like this, and pieces just keep falling into place”, the man revealed to the outlet.

According to him, “both massive and small” performers have lined up for the grand alien-themed party but he…

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