Belgium Launches Facebook Campaign to Dissuade Potential Refugees


Apart from a website, which is designed to educate aspiring asylum seekers on their chances of settling in Belgium, there would also be a special Facebook campaign targeting certain groups, namely Palestinians and Moroccans.

Belgium’s Immigration Office has launched a six-month-long dissuasion campaign aimed at potential migrants in their countries of origin, as well as refugees in transit countries, Minister of Asylum, Migration, Health and Social Affairs Maggie De Block, who is in charge of the asylum policy, announced.

The government started the website, designed to inform the potential asylum seekers about the country’s immigration policy and debunk myths about it. The site cost about 150,000 euros, according to RTL Info.

“The purpose of these messages is also to counter rumours and false information often spread on social media to allow people wishing to leave their country of origin to consider the move fully aware of the facts”, the Immigration Office stated.

In addition, the Belgian authorities also launched a Facebook campaign. It will focus on certain target groups, such as Palestinians and Moroccans, to present an accurate picture about their chances of getting asylum in the European country. 

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