‘CULTURE APPROPRIATION’: Outrage as Kim Kardashian Dons Indian Headpiece


The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has countless times made positive headlines due to a flurry of her sizzling outfits, but this time her choice of clothes, or rather accessories, has caused backlash among her target audience.

Kim Kardashian West has again had a swipe taken at her over what has been claimed to be cultural appropriation, after she appeared at her husband’s, Kanye West, invitation-only gospel-inspired performance, wearing a white off-shoulder dress teaming up with a number of accessories. Yet, it’s not the dress that caught the eye of the inquisitive and attentive-to-details public, but Kim’s headpiece, worn along with matching dangling earrings. 

The picture posted under the caption “Sunday Service Vibe” hit a raw nerve with the showbiz mogul’s army of followers, with many asserting that it is actually from Indian culture – the so-called maang tikka, a hair decoration that is typically worn by a bride for the first time on her wedding day, with a drop pendant adorning her forehead. 

“Ummm where’s the Indian inspiration credit, do you even know what you’re wearing on your forehead is called???” one person commented, with another butting in with a similar stance:

“Sis this ain’t ‘service vibe’ this is straight up CULTURE APPROPRIATION”.

“This is cultural appropriation and it’s just not cute anymore kimmie…. keep to your own and stop stealing…

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