NATO Chairman Discusses Alliance’s Unique Role for Peace

NATO is the most successful organization of its type in history, and it is adapting to ensure it remains a force for peace in the future, the chairman of NATO’s Military Committee said here yesterday.

British Royal Air Force Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach said in an interview that alliance members are building a strategy that will act as a guide for decisions moving forward. Peach and the military representatives of the Military Committee are in Washington for discussions and consultations.

“Every organization no matter how it has evolved needs to take a strategic look,” he said. “I would describe a strategy as a handrail — a guide. It is very difficult for anyone to predict the future, but a strategy and strategic thinking gives that sense of what we could do [in various circumstances].”

He said bringing the Military Committee to the United States shows the unity and solidarity of the alliance. The committee first visited Norfolk, Virginia, where they met with French air force Gen. Andre Lanata, NATO’s supreme allied commander for transformation. The command is the warfighting development arm of NATO. The committee also visited the new Joint Forces Command built to ensure the sea lanes across the Atlantic. They held talks aboard the USS Harry S. Truman — an aircraft carrier named after the man who was president when NATO was formed in 1949.

Peach and the committee then came to…

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