Pilot of Missing MH370 May Have Tried to Deceive Radar Operators – Reports

A member of an investigative group has used civilian radar data for MH370 that was made publicly available in April 2018 for his comprehensive report on the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777.

The MH370 Independent group that has been investigating and analysing the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight has established that the plane’s flight path near the Malaysian state of Penang was consistent with a navigation system that is fully operational.

“In order to better understand the sequence of inputs to the flight control system, we created a simulation using the PMDG 777 model in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In particular, we studied whether the aircraft might have been flown with the pilot providing inputs to the autopilot, and what those inputs might have been”, Victor Iannello, an investigator with the group, wrote.

Iannello, assisted by three Independent group members, suggested on his blog it was possible that the pilot tried to deceive radar operators into believing that the plane had intended to land.

“MH370’s flight path near Penang can be replicated with the autopilot engaged and the flight path near Penang is consistent with the image of the military radar data in the Malacca Strait that was never officially released. It is very unlikely that there was an intention to land at Penang Airport”, Iannello alleged.

The study’s findings somewhat coincide with a widely popular theory that one of the…

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