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From inside an NSCN (I-M) camp to the cricket fields of Moga, from a Meghalaya Raj Bhavan scandal to illegal sand mining along the coastline of Tuticorin, from the workings of the Capital’s power corridors to its most helpless residents cleaning and dying in its sewers, from the anger of Kashmir to the despair of Eastern UP — a celebration of India’s finest journalism of 2017

Reporting from J&K and the North East


Namrata Biji Ahuja: The Week

For her dispatch from inside Camp Hebron where NSCN (I-M) runs a parallel government

“Being born in an Army family, it was my natural instinct to visit Camp Hebron. I witnessed the parallel government run by the NSCN (I-M) with the help of its 15,000 soldiers. I have been covering the Union Home Ministry for the past 10 years. After the Naga peace accord was signed in 2015, many wondered how the treaty would be effective. To find answers, I spent a week at the girl’s hostel in the NSCN (I-M) camp.”

Rikynti Marwein: Highland Post

For being the first to uncover the molestation scandal against the Meghalaya Governor

“Following the birth of my child in 2015, I began searching for a more stable job because journalism is not an easy profession to be in. In 2016, I received an interview call from the Meghalaya Governor’s…

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