Turkey Doesn’t Need Permission from Israel or Anyone to Fight Terror – Ankara

Middle East

The Turkish government spokesperson made the statement following a Twitter outburst from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called Turkish President Erdogan “the occupier of northern Cyprus” and accused his forces of massacring “women and children in Kurdish villages.”

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has announced that Ankara intends to continue its fight against terrorism without seeking consent from other countries, Hurriyet Daily News reported on Tuesday.

“It is out of the question for Turkey to get permission or consent from israel or any other country [to fight terror],” he told journalists after a cabinet meeting.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Erdogan on Twitter, calling him “the occupier of northern Cyprus, whose army massacres women and children in Kurdish villages, inside and outside Turkey”, and insisted that the Turkish president “should not preach to Israel”.

​In response, Erdogan dubbed Netanyahu is “the voice of tyrants” and the head of “state terror”.

Meanwhile, Kalin also claimed that US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw American troops from Syria after Erdogan told him “loud and clear” that Washington and Ankara don’t need the help of Kurdish YPG/SDF forces to fight Daesh*.

“There is no step back, weakness, halt, or slowdown in the fight against Daesh terror group,” Kalin said after declaring that Turkey…

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