Masks Off? Syrian Opposition Changes Flag, Stops Playing Revolutionary Force

Besieged in the Idlib province, the Syrian opposition, interlaced deeply with the former Nusra Front, has undergone another rebranding, changing its flag to bear a Shahada religious inscription.

As the operation against terrorists in Syria comes close to its end, terrorists besieged in the Idlib province have undergone another rebranding, this time changing their flag.

The so-called “Syrian Revolution Flag” — a green, white and black tricolor with three red stars, adopted back in 2012 — became a unifying symbol for a large variety of smaller terrorist and opposition movements (Daesh excluded) that fought against the elected government of President Bashar Assad throughout the entire Syrian war.

In 2015, the flag saw a new wave of popularity as the Syrian opposition sought to distance itself from Daesh and other radical jihadists.

“The opposition flag remained a point of contention between the opposition’s so-called “revolutionary” and more hardline Islamist wings for years,” War on the Rocks author Sam Heller wrote in October.

However, according to Séamus Malekafzali, a writer at the International Review focusing on Middle Eastern affairs and the war in Syria, the so-called General Syrian Conference, has now adopted a new version of the flag, in which stars have been replaced by a red-inked Shahada, an Islamic symbol of faith.

“The General Syrian Conference of the #HTS-backed Syrian Salvation Government has come to a compromise…

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