People in UK, Scotland, Ireland Like Me & Agree With Me on Immigration – Trump


The US president addressed the media on Thursday in Brussels, where he has attended the NATO Summit, speaking of his state visit in the UK and his view on Brexit.

When asked about his trip to Britain, where Mr. Trump should be arriving on July 12, he said that people in the UK “like him a lot.”

Commenting on the protests marking his visit and set to take place in the British capital, the US president said:

“I do think there will be protests because there are always protests. I believe that the people in the UK, Scotland, Ireland — as you know I have property in Ireland, property all over — I think that those people like me a lot and agree with me on immigration.”

He also pointed out that Brexit was caused “in the first place because of immigration” and added he had a strong policy on the issue.

“I am very strong on immigration… You see what’s going on in the world with immigration. I probably at least partially won an election because of immigration. If you look at Italy, Giuseppe [Conte] won his election because of strong immigration policies.”

UK ‘Hotspot’

Mr. Trump told the press conference that Britain is a “hotspot with a lot of resignations.” He was referring to senior government ministers quitting over disagreement with the UK PM Theresa May on future trade relations with the EU.

“I don’t know what’s going on with the negotiation, who knows. But that’s become a very interesting…

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