Adnan Oktar: Turkish TV preacher arrested on fraud and abuse charges

Turkish police have arrested a controversial preacher known for giving televised sermons surrounded by young women he refers to as his “kittens”.

Adnan Oktar was detained on Wednesday morning on suspicion of fraud, alongside more than 100 of his followers in a series of raids.

Critics have accused the Islamic preacher of running a cult.

He operates his own television channel, through which he delivered his religious sermons.

Turkey’s financial crimes police were behind the morning raids on Mr Oktar and his followers. They were arrested on suspicion of a litany of charges, including running a criminal organisation, tax offences, sexual abuse, and counter-terrorism laws.

Turkish media said 166 of his followers were arrested, but a total of 235 are being sought.

State-run news agency Andalou said he was on the financial crimes unit “most wanted” list – and had been caught while getting ready to flee.

More than 50 guns were seized during the series of raids, along with ammunition, Andalou said.

Assets belonging to Mr Oktar and all 235 suspects have been confiscated by the courts, it added.

Image caption Mr Oktar was led away on Wednesday in front of the assembled media

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