Remembering Nurses’ Contributions to Military Medicine

Nurses have been caring for American service members on and off the battlefield since the Revolutionary War. Through the generations, the number of women and men serving as military nurses has continued to grow. The contribution, sacrifice and bravery of these military and civilian medical professionals are recognized during National Nurses Week.

“This week, we proudly celebrate all nurses across the Military Health System – past and present – serving our courageous warfighters, retirees, and their families,” said Tom McCaffery, acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, who attended the Military Health System Nurses Week wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery’s Nurses Memorial on May 7.

“The selfless service of nurses in the Military Health System and the Department of Defense impacts each of us every day,” he said. “Their dedication to providing the highest-quality care possible to our 9.4 million beneficiaries means that our troops are safer downrange, our military families are healthier back home, and our nation is a more secure, more prosperous place as a result.”

Proud Tradition of Service

National Nurses Week, which runs from May 6-12, is a weeklong celebration anchored by the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is often considered the founder of nursing. This year’s theme is…

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