Assad Stays in Syria After US-Led Airstrikes Despite Speculations – Russian MP

A Russian lawmaker, who met the Syrian president in the wake of the recent attack, dismisses media reports claiming that Bashar Assad fled to Iran after the airstrikes on Damascus.

Dmitri Sablin, representing the governing United Russia party in parliament, stated that the US-UK-French missile strike on Syria hadn’t scared away President Bashar Assad from his country. After meeting with him in Damascus, he revealed what Assad really did following the attack.

“Our meeting is another confirmation that the Western media permanently lie about Syria. They stated that Assad with his family has fled to Iran, leaving his country behind. He is in Damascus, he is working,”  stated Sablin.

On April 10 some media outlets reported that Assad and his family ran to the Iranian capital Tehran, fearing additional military actions by the US-led coalition against Syria.

Sablin was among the members of the Russian parliament and other officials from Moscow, who met President Bashar Assad in the wake of the joint US-UK-French missile strike on Syria.

Assad to Russian MPs: Syrians ‘No Longer Afraid of NATO’ After Missile Attack

Assad would continue Syria’s independent development “despite the agenda, imposed by the West,” Sablin said. Assad also stated that the airstrikes have not only “consolidated the peoples of Russia and Syria, but all the nations, which are guided by the norms of international law.”

Following an overnight bombing, the Syrian president, who…

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