Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Donald Trump and Angela Merkel Reportedly Clash Over Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

World08:27 GMT 30.05.2020German Chancellor Angela Merkel's refusal to accept US President Donald Trump's invitation to attend the G7 summit in person, originally scheduled...

US Mounts Behind-the-Scenes Global Campaign to Cut Venezuelan Oil Supplies

World09:02 GMT 30.05.2020(updated 09:04 GMT 30.05.2020)venezuela has relied on Iranian fuel supplies since the US cut off other trading partners with...

US May Send Troops to Tunisia Over Alleged Russian Campaign to Destabilize Region, AFRICOM...

Africa15:13 GMT 30.05.2020(updated 15:22 GMT 30.05.2020)Moscow has repeatedly denied accusations of involvement in the Libyan civil war, stressing that it wants...