Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Three Blasts Rock Polling Stations in Kabul, 1 Killed, 29 Injured – Reports

Asia & Pacific10:09 20.10.2018(updated 11:44 20.10.2018) Two attacks in northern Afghanistan have injured two women and scared voters going to vote in the country’s...

Four of the UK’s Major Warships Never Left Dock in 2018 – Report

Europe15:14 19.10.2018(updated 16:28 19.10.2018) The news of permanently docked ships and large shortages of sailors is just the latest in a litany of reports...

Peace Protesters Prepare to Storm the Pentagon

Opinion03:51 20.10.2018(updated 04:00 20.10.2018) Fifty-one years after the historic March on the Pentagon in 1967, which many credit as a turning point in the...