Tuesday, October 17, 2017

US General: Iraq must continue to attack ISIS

Video Duration: 5:34 US Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the commander of the international military coalition fighting ISIS, tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer why liberating Mosul...

Haley: Military action ‘on table’ vs. N. Korea

Video Duration: 1:33 Nikki Haley tells Dana Bash that the U.S. has to respond strongly to North Korea's ICBM launch, and while it is not...

Iraqi army: Victory against ISIS is imminent

Video Duration: 2:33 The Iraqi army says they are on the verge of declaring victory over ISIS in Mosul. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports. Source

Trump reaffirms NATO’s Article 5

Video Duration: 1:21 President Trump reaffirmed Article 5 of NATO, the alliance's principle that an attack on one NATO nation is an attack on all...

Coalition forces close in on ISIS strongholds

Video Duration: 1:42 CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports coalition forces are closing in on ISIS strongholds of Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. Source

Haley: US will use military forces if we must

Video Duration: 1:41 During an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council following North Korea's latest missile test, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki...

Trump: I am proud of our military (full speech)

Video Duration: 8:32 President Trump delivers remarks to military families at a picnic on the South Lawn on Independence Day. Source

New US Navy warship launches into river

Video Duration: 59 The USS Billings littoral combat ship was christened and launched into the Menominee River in Wisconsin. Source

Video shows ISIS street battle

Video Duration: 3:15 Brutal fighting between the Iraqi Army and ISIS continues on the streets of Mosul. ISIS is being forced to give way, but...

Iraqi troops closing in on ISIS in Mosul

Video Duration: 3:13 Iraqi troops may be days away from reclaiming Mosul from ISIS. CNN Senior International Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh reports. Source

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