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    Jury Selection for 2-Star Air Force General’s Sexual Assault Court-Martial Set to Begin Tuesday

    Jury Selection for 2-Star Air Force General’s Sexual Assault Court-Martial Set to Begin Tuesday

    Court-martial proceedings for an Force two-star general charged with sexual assault are being held this week in Texas, marking only the second time in history that a general officer in the service will head to trial while facing accusations of a sexual crime.

    Maj. Gen. Phillip Stewart, a two-star general who formerly commanded the 19th Air Force prior to his charges, began administrative proceedings Monday at Joint San Antonio in Texas. Jury selection is scheduled to Tuesday, according to an Air Education and Training Command spokesperson.

    The members of the jury will need to be the same rank or higher than Stewart, not an easy task among the limited numbers of general officers the service has — fewer than 300 in total and less than half of them being higher or equal rank.

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    That jury selection process is raising alarm for Stewart's defense team, especially given that only six of the eight jurors who make up the panel need to be in agreement on a guilty verdict to convict the Air Force officer. It is possible for his legal team to seek a bench trial, too, in which a judge would hear the case and render a verdict instead of a jury.

    Meanwhile, attorney Sherilyn Bunn, Stewart's senior defense counsel, said in a statement that there are overall concerns that Lt. Gen. Brian Robinson, head of Air Education and Training Command,…

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