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    Uncle Sam Needs You … to Be a Poll Worker for This Year’s Election

    Uncle Sam Needs You … to Be a Poll Worker for This Year's Election

    As the campaign trail heats up this summer, the nonprofit We the Veterans group has launched its own full-court press to convince former troops and family members to sign up as poll workers on Election Day.

    The group's Vet the Vote campaign, which kicked off in February, aims to recruit 100,000 poll workers across the nation on Nov. 5. With the primaries wrapping up, local election boards are turning their focus to the presidential election, and the “next few months are critical” for rallying volunteers, according to Daniel Vallone, an veteran and director of Vet the Vote.

    “The need increases dramatically for the general election,” Vallone said during a press conference June 6. “Our big push and most intensive cycle starts in June and continues really into mid-September.”

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    We the Veterans was established to focus on civics education and to build faith in American democracy by encouraging veterans and families to remain engaged and active in their communities after leaving the service.

    The Vet the Vote initiative, backed by a coalition of veterans organizations and overseen by We the Veterans, aims to address skepticism and reduce mistrust in the election system by recruiting a trusted source of volunteers — veterans — to man polling sites and serve on local election boards.

    In 2022, the campaign recruited 63,500 poll…

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