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    A World War II Veteran Just Married His Bride Near Normandy’s D-Day Beaches. He’s 100, She’s 96

    A World War II Veteran Just Married His Bride Near Normandy's D-Day Beaches. He's 100, She's 96

    CARENTAN-LES-MARAIS, (AP) — Together, the collective age of the bride and groom was nearly 200. But World War II veteran Harold Terens and his sweetheart Jeanne Swerlin proved that love is eternal as they tied the knot Saturday inland of the D-Day beaches in Normandy, France.

    Their respective ages — he's 100, she's a youngster of just 96 — made their nuptials an almost double-century celebration.

    Terens called it ″the best day of my life.″

    On her way into the nuptials, the bubbly bride-to-be said: “It's not just for young people, love, you know? We get butterflies. And we get a little action, also.″

    The location was the elegant stone-worked town hall of Carentan, a key initial D-Day objective that saw ferocious fighting after the June 6, 1944, Allied landings that helped rid of Adolf Hitler's tyranny.

    Like other towns and villages across the Normandy coast where nearly 160,000 Allied troops came ashore under fire on five code-named beaches, it's an effervescent hub of remembrance and celebration on the 80th anniversary of the deeds and sacrifices of young men and women that day, festooned with flags and bunting and with veterans feted like rockstars.

    As the swing of Glenn Miller and other period tunes rang out on the streets, well-wishers — some in -period clothes — were already lined up a good hour before the wedding, behind barriers outside the town hall, with a rousing pipe…

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