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    Many of Those Killed or Wounded in Gaza Stampede for Aid Were Shot by Israel’s Army, EU Arm Says

    Many of Those Killed or Wounded in Gaza Stampede for Aid Were Shot by Israel's Army, EU Arm Says

    RAFAH, Strip (AP) — Many of the Palestinians killed or wounded in the chaos as they tried to get bags of flour from an aid convoy were hit by Israeli army fire, the European Union's diplomatic service said Saturday, urging an international investigation.

    Outrage is rising over the desperation of hundreds of thousands struggling to survive in northern Gaza after nearly five months of fighting between and Hamas. United States military planes began the first airdrops of thousands of meals into Gaza, and 's military said it also conducted airdrops.

    The European External Action Service said responsibility for the crisis lay with “restrictions imposed by the Israeli army and obstructions by violent extremist(s) to the supply of humanitarian aid.”

    Residents in northern Gaza say they have taken to searching piles of rubble and garbage for anything to feed their children, who barely eat one meal a day. Many families have begun mixing animal and bird food with grain to bake bread. International aid officials say they have encountered catastrophic hunger.

    “We're dying from starvation,” said Soad Abu Hussein, a widow and mother of five children who has taken shelter in a school in the Jabaliya refugee .

    At least 10 children have starved to death, according to hospital records in Gaza, the World Health Organization said.

    Northern Gaza has borne the brunt of the conflict that began when the Hamas…

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