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    NATO’s Chief Says the Alliance Has No Plans to Send Troops to Ukraine

    NATO’s Chief Says the Alliance Has No Plans to Send Troops to Ukraine

    BRUSSELS — NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told The Associated Press that the military alliance has no plans to send combat troops into Ukraine amid reports that some Western countries may be considering putting boots on the ground in the war-ravaged country.

    Stoltenberg said that “NATO allies are providing unprecedented support to Ukraine. We have done that since 2014 and stepped up after the full-scale invasion. But there are no plans for NATO combat troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

    Ahead of a trip to on Monday, where top officials from over 20 countries discussed options to increase help for Ukraine, 's Prime Minister Robert Fico said that some are weighing whether to strike bilateral deals to send troops to Ukraine to help it fend off the Russian invasion.

    Fico said that his government is not planning to propose to send Slovak soldiers, but did not provide details about what countries might be considering such deals, or what the troops would do in Ukraine.

    Parliament speaker Peter Pellegrini also said that Slovakia won't deploy troops there.

    Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala also declined to comment, but he underlined that “the Czech Republic certainly doesn't want to send its soldiers to Ukraine.”

    Prime Minister Donald Tusk also said on Tuesday that “ does not to send its troops to Ukraine.”

    While ruling out NATO military action, Stoltenberg told AP “that this is a war of…

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