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    Why Military Life Is Worth It

    Why Military Life Is Worth It

    Jennifer Barnhill is a columnist for .com writing about military families.

    “9/11 happened, and all of a sudden everything changed,” said Erin Whitehead, who spent decades as a military spouse while her husband pursued a career in the Marine Corps. “It became a much different life, much harder.”

    The surge of military activity that followed the attack on and , D.C., leading to years of conflict in the Middle East would strain families as deployments and casualties mounted. But this national tragedy also sparked a sense of purpose for those in the military community.

    “We'd all go to different people's houses for dinner every night because we needed to be together. It made it survivable,” said Whitehead. “We became family.”

    Before marrying my husband, I imagined the military was what I saw in movies — soldiers clutching rifles, ready to storm a beachhead, terrified but in it together. I knew the lifestyle was hard, but I had no idea that as a military spouse, I too would undergo a parallel bonding experience on the home front. And in speaking to others, it seemed my experience was not unique. Our shared suffering bonds military spouses to each other and the military lifestyle, if we let it.

    Research shows that military spouses who feel a sense of belonging within the military community have a greater sense of overall well-being. However, building these sustaining relationships is challenging for military…

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