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    US and South Korea Fly Warplanes in Interception Drills After North Korea’s Missile Tests

    US and South Korea Fly Warplanes in Interception Drills After North Korea's Missile Tests

    SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea and the United States flew advanced stealth fighters in a missile-interception drill Friday over the Korean Peninsula, South Korea's air said, an apparent response to a spate of weapons tests this year by rival North Korea.

    North Korea has conducted six rounds of missile tests so far this year, most of them reportedly involving cruise missiles that typically fly at a low altitude to overcome opponents' missile defenses. Analysts say that in the event of a conflict, North Korea aims to use cruise missiles to strike U.S. aircraft carriers as well as U.S. bases in Japan.

    South Korea's air force said in a statement the drill on Friday involved fifth-generation stealth F-35A fighter jets from both countries and other fighter jets from South Korea. It said the U.S. F-35As were deployed in South Korea on Wednesday from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.

    North Korea has ramped up its weapons tests since 2022 in what experts call an attempt to increase its leverage in future diplomacy. South Korea and the U.S. have responded by expanding their military exercises and a trilateral training involving Japan.

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