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    Iran-Backed Houthis Prepare for Long Red Sea Battle with US

    Iran-Backed Houthis Prepare for Long Red Sea Battle with US

    Houthi militants and their Iranian backers are preparing for a lengthy confrontation with the U.S. and allies around the Red Sea regardless of how the Israel-Hamas war plays out.

    The -based group is shoring up and defense capabilities to continue attacking ships around the vital waterway, according to several people with knowledge of the situation, who asked not to be identified discussing sensitive matters. Steps include fortifying mountain hideouts for more secure and effective missile launches and testing unmanned vessels above and below water, they said.

    Saudi Arabia, which borders Yemen and has fought the Houthis for most of the past decade, is specifically concerned the group may attempt to sabotage major internet cables running along the seabed, according to an adviser to the Saudi leadership, who didn't want to be named. There are no suggestions yet of a plan of that nature or that the Houthis have the means to carry one out.

    The Houthis started attacking Red Sea shipping in November, ostensibly as a means of pressuring Israel to end its war in against Hamas, which is also backed by . At first, they said only vessels with ties to Israel would be targeted, though it wasn't long before ships with only tenuous connections to the Jewish state were also hit.

    The assaults have helped push oil prices up more than 8% this year, with Brent nearing $85 a barrel, and upended trade through the southern Red…

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