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    Fort Carson Soldier’s Murder Unsolved Almost a Year Later

    Fort Carson Soldier’s Murder Unsolved Almost a Year Later

    Family, friends and hundreds of strangers lined a Michigan highway last year to welcome home Carson Spc. Braden Peltier, as he made his way from Detroit to West Branch, Mich., for the final time after he was fatally shot in .

    Many residents gathered on overpasses with flags to honor the soldier.

    The outpouring Braden Peltier received on his journey home “took away some of the sting” from his son's death, his father, Jay Peltier, said.

    “Small towns, they take care of their own,” he said.

    But so far, his experience with the Colorado Springs police as they have worked to investigate Braden's death has been lacking.

    “I hear little to nothing from the police,” said Peltier, explaining he has talked with police only a handful of times, and on only one of those occasions did the police call him.

    The shooting, shortly before 4 a.m. March 26, 2023, was one of several at the after-hours nightclub at 2727 Palmer Park Blvd. During May, another shooting in a parking lot near the building killed Ja'lyn Tyre Lagrue, 20. An arrest was made in Lagrue's case.

    The large building is home to a flea market and a cannabis dispensary, with a large warehouse space on one side.

    The two young men killed at the nightclub were among the 34 homicides in Colorado Springs last year. Among that group, 20 were men under 35 who died in shootings.

    Peltier said his son, 23, was protecting someone else during the encounter that also injured one other…

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