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    NATO Allies Warn Hungary Not to Hold Up Sweden’s Membership as US Patience Wears Thin

    NATO Allies Warn Hungary Not to Hold Up Sweden’s Membership as US Patience Wears Thin

    BRUSSELS — U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that he and his counterparts cautioned Hungary on Wednesday against further delaying 's membership in the alliance, and he warned that patience in has its limits.

    Lawmakers from the party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán boycotted an emergency session of parliament on Monday where a vote was scheduled to place Sweden's bid to join NATO on the legislative agenda, adding to 18 months of delays that have angered Hungary's allies.

    The governing Fidesz party, which holds an absolute majority in Hungary's parliament, has stalled Sweden's bid since July 2022, alleging that Swedish politicians have told “blatant lies” about the state of Hungarian democracy. The party insists that Sweden's prime minister must come to Hungary first.

    “We heard security adviser after security adviser say that it's past time for Sweden to get in, and to directly address the representative from Hungary,” Sullivan told reporters after a meeting of the organization's top security officials at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

    Sullivan said that he and his colleagues had impressed upon Hungary that “it's a matter of credibility and obligation that they take the necessary steps” to complete the parliamentary procedures to ratify Sweden's accession.

    Sweden, along with neighboring Finland, set aside decades of military nonalignment to seek…

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