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    Army Friend Who Warned Service of Maine Mass Shooter Says ‘I Literally Spelled It Out’

    Army Friend Who Warned Service of Maine Mass Shooter Says ‘I Literally Spelled It Out'

    LEWISTON, Maine — Sean Hodgson watched and worried as his best friend of nearly two decades unraveled. His former roommate and fellow U.S. reservist's anger and paranoia were mounting, he had access to guns, and he refused to get help. So Hodgson did the hardest thing of his life: He sent a text about Robert Card to their Army supervisor.

    “I believe he's going to snap and do a mass shooting,” he wrote on Sept. 15.

    Six weeks later, Card fatally shot 18 people at a bowling alley and a bar in Lewiston before killing himself. His body was found in a trailer after a two-day search.

    “I wasn't in his head. I don't know exactly what went on,” Hodgson told The Associated Press last week in an exclusive interview, his first since the Oct. 25 shootings. “But I do know I was right.”

    The series of warning signs about Card have been well documented. In May, relatives warned police that Card had grown paranoid, and they expressed concern about his access to guns. In July, Card was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit after shoving a fellow reservist and locking himself in a motel room. In August, the Army barred him from handling weapons on duty and declared him nondeployable.

    In September, Hodgson raised the most glaring red flag, telling authorities to change the passcode to the gate at their Army Reserve training facility and arm themselves if Card showed up.

    “Please,” he wrote. “I believe he's messed…

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