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    North Korea Again Fires Near the Sea Border with the South, As Its Leader’s Sister Mocks Seoul

    North Korea Again Fires Near the Sea Border with the South, As Its Leader's Sister Mocks Seoul

    SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea again fired artillery shells near its tense sea boundary with the South on Sunday, as the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un mocked the South's ability to detect its weapons launches.

    South Korea's Chiefs of Staff dismissed Kim Yo Jong's statement as “a comedy-like, vulgar propaganda” meant to undermine the South Korean people's trust in the and stoke divisions.

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea fired more than more than 90 rounds near the rivals' disputed western sea boundary on Sunday afternoon. It said South Korea strongly urged North Korea to stop provocative acts immediately.

    North Korea's military later confirmed it used coastal artillery systems to carry out live-firing exercises. It said the drills were part of its military training schedules and the direction of its shells fired didn't expose any threat to South Korea.

    On Friday, North Korea launched about 200 shells. South Korea also claimed that the North fired more than 60 rounds on Saturday, but its rival has denied that.

    Kim Yo Jong said that North Korea on Saturday only detonated blasting powder simulating the sound of its coastal artillery on the seashore, to test the South Korean military's detection capabilities.

    “The result was clear as we expected. They misjudged the blasting sound as the sound of gunfire and conjectured it as a provocation. And they even…

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