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    Fort Drum to Host 1,500 More Soldiers in Army’s New Multi-Domain Task Force Effort

    Fort Drum to Host 1,500 More Soldiers in Army's New Multi-Domain Task Force Effort

    WATERTOWN —  Drum will grow, adding nearly 1,500 more personnel with the placement of an Army multi-domain task force, according to an announcement from Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer on Wednesday.

    Schumer, D- N.Y., announced that Fort Drum was selected to host the U.S. Army Multi-Domain Task Force 2, which will also have a detachment posted in Wiesbaden, Germany.

    “Fort Drum has been selected for one of the most prestigious designations by the Army, meaning nearly 1,500 new soldiers and personnel will soon call the north country home, which will enhance this amazing as a pillar within America's national defense strategy,” he said.

    The announcement came shortly after a meeting between Schumer and the Secretary of the Army Christine E. Wormuth in .

    Multi-domain task forces are dedicated to operations in the , on land, at sea, in space, the cyberwarfare front and in intelligence collection, meant to synchronize efforts across each “domain” or front.

    The Army has built five task forces, three focused on the Pacific region, one focused on Europe and one for global response, according to Schumer. MDTF 2 was established solely in Germany in 2021 and is focused on Europe. Soldiers in the force are expected to begin rotating between Germany and Fort Drum starting in 2025. The MDTF operates under the command of Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, head of the U.S. European…

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