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    Cavalry Soldiers at Fort Carson Can’t See Doctors in the Early Morning Under New Rules

    Cavalry Soldiers at Fort Carson Can't See Doctors in the Early Morning Under New Rules

    An armor officer at Carson, , this week issued a set of policies to his formation effectively banning soldiers from seeking mental health care, dental treatment and legal counsel in the early morning hours to cement time for exercising, according to a copy of the memo reviewed by .com.

    “Soldiers are not authorized to schedule appointments before 0900,” Lt. Col. Andrew Boyd, commander of 4th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, said in a memo Tuesday. “This restriction applies to medical, dental, behavioral health, and other types of appointments.”

    Boyd's policy proscription comes at a time when soldier quality-of-life issues have moved into the spotlight among Army planners and stakeholders on Capitol Hill, particularly during Army Secretary Christine Wormuth's tenure. Wormuth and senior uniformed leaders have focused on measurable quality-of-life boosts such as parental leave rights for soldiers unique to the service and an expanded focus on housing issues. They say that if soldiers are taken care of in their personal lives, they will be better focused on their warfighting tasks.

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    Boyd's memo notes that units may approve earlier appointments, but that soldiers must consult with their commander before making that appointment — a move that can be complicated in situations in…

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