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    Everyone Feared the Worst About Robert Card. No One Stopped Him.

    Everyone Feared the Worst About Robert Card. No One Stopped Him.

    Everyone who knew Robert Card was concerned about his behavior. His ex-wife and teenage son. His siblings, parents and friends. Fellow members of an Reserve unit in Saco, Maine.

    They knew he was having psychotic episodes and hearing voices. They knew he had been making threats and that those threats were getting more specific. They knew he had several guns and knew how to use them.

    Many spoke up.

    Local police were alerted in May and again in September about his increasingly erratic behavior. In between those contacts, Card spent two weeks at a psychiatric facility at the urging of commanding officers.

    The warning signs before Card shot and killed 18 people on Oct. 25 in Lewiston were glaring and abundant, and still, he was not stopped before he carried out the worst massacre in Maine's history and then took his own life. The drip, drip, drip of information that has come out since suggests Card's mental health deteriorated rapidly early this year and may have coincided with or been triggered by a bad breakup and his first hearing aids.

    But significant gaps in the timeline remain — the biggest being from Sept. 17, when a Sagadahoc County Sheriff's deputy tried unsuccessfully to visit Card at his Bowdoin home, to Oct. 25, when the shootings occurred.

    Family members told police Card distanced himself from them in the month before the shootings and wasn't responding to messages or visits to his home. They have…

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