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    Navy Fires Commander of Center Overseeing New Sailor Pay

    Navy Fires Commander of Center Overseeing New Sailor Pay

    The Navy has fired the commanding officer of one of the handful of centers responsible for handling its pay and benefits transactions, the service announced Tuesday.

    Cmdr. Steven Green was relieved as commander of a Transaction Service Center (TSC) in Great Lakes, Illinois. Capt. Jason Grose, the commander of the Navy Pay and Personnel Support Center, said that the firing was “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to fulfill the responsibilities as commanding officer” in a service press release.

    Green became at least the tenth Navy commander to be removed this year.

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    Navy officials would not offer any more details to .com about what led to Green's firing, but one official noted that none of the command's other top leaders has been removed.

    The service's statement offered general remarks that it expects its commanders “to uphold the highest standards of responsibility, reliability and leadership, and the Navy holds them accountable when they fall short of those standards,” language that is typically used for commander firings and doesn't specify cause.

    The Navy said that Capt. Mary Decker, who is currently serving as executive officer of the TSC in , Virginia, will assume the duties as commanding officer of the Great Lakes center which, according to the statement, focuses on “pay and personnel…

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