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    US Weaves Web of Intelligence Links in Asia to Counter China

    US Weaves Web of Intelligence Links in Asia to Counter China

    — The U.S. is deepening intelligence cooperation with countries across Asia as it looks to counter Beijing's sophisticated spying apparatus and blunt Chinese cyber attacks.

    The Biden administration has developed a set of separate but overlapping partnerships in Asia, including an intelligence-sharing arrangement with the “Quad” grouping of the U.S., India, Japan and Australia, according to U.S. officials who asked not to be identified discussing matters that aren't public.

    The web of relationships also includes trilateral partnerships among the U.S., Japan and South Korea, and one encompassing the U.S., Japan and the , the officials said.

    The push also involves strengthened bilateral sharing of information with Japan, India and Vietnam, according to the officials, who added that a major focus of these relationships is boosting resilience to Chinese offensive operations online.

    This new and strengthened partnerships, known formally as intelligence liaison relationships, are in part aimed at reducing the growing of 's spy apparatus, which a recent U.K. parliamentary report described as the world's largest. The administration effort is part of a broader drive to deepen links across the region amid growing alarm at the threat from Beijing.

    “Intelligence liaison can serve as an important force multiplier,” said Daniel Byman, a specialist on the topic at the Center for Strategic…

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