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    Texas Congressman Wants House to Renounce GOP Contenders’ Threats of Military Strikes in Mexico

    Texas Congressman Wants House to Renounce GOP Contenders' Threats of Military Strikes in Mexico

    WASHINGTON — Talk of attacking drug cartels south of the border by drone or special forces has become increasingly popular among Republicans. Texas congressman Joaquin Castro is pushing Congress to renounce such moves without 's full prior approval.

    “Over the last several months, Americans have seen an alarming rise in reckless remarks that threaten to normalize the idea of invading Mexico,” he said.

    The Antonio lawmaker, the top Democrat on a subcommittee overseeing Western Hemisphere relations, will file a resolution Friday that “condemns calls for action” without Mexico's approval — a swipe at presidential candidates that makes it unlikely to pass the GOP-controlled House.

    The resolution affirms that “any act of aggression on Mexico's sovereign territory without their consent could be considered an act of war and a violation of international law.”

    Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has made the same point. In March, he dispatched his foreign minister to Washington to declare that “we will not allow ourselves to be pushed around.”

    The talk has escalated since then.

    In August, López Obrador denounced growing calls for military action in Mexico “offensive” and disrespectful, downplaying the threats as campaign posturing while emphasizing that any such move would be seen as a provocation that could not go unanswered.

    Castro's resolution would put Congress on record rejecting the use…

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