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    Marines Authorized to Wear Desert Pattern Uniform at Commanders’ Discretion Amid Cammie Shortage

    Marines Authorized to Wear Desert Pattern Uniform at Commanders' Discretion Amid Cammie Shortage

    Marine Corps commanders down to the battalion and squadron level are allowed to authorize troops to wear desert pattern uniforms or flame-resistant gear, also known as FROGs, amid an ongoing uniform shortage in the service, top leaders announced Thursday.

    Gen. Eric Smith, the newly confirmed Marine Corps commandant, and Sgt. Maj. Carlos Ruiz, the service's top enlisted leader, formally acknowledged the shortage of woodland camouflage uniforms and announced the decision to allow flexibility on uniforms in a video message to Marines.

    The shortage of the woodland Marine pattern, or MARPAT, uniforms that serve as the primary daily utility attire for troops across the service began plaguing clothing outlets when the -19 pandemic interrupted supply chains around the world and has yet to abate.

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    “I can't get cammies,” Smith said in the video posted to Instagram Thursday. “That problem is going to stay with us until the fall of 2024 when the manufacturer can fill the backlog that has been created after COVID.”

    Until that logjam has been resolved, Marines are adapting by authorizing the wear of other uniforms.

    “What we cannot have is a situation where a Marine is wearing unserviceable cammies, because that looks bad for the Corps,” he said. “And we can't have a situation where that Marine is given a hard time about those unserviceable cammies.”

    The authorization does…

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