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    University of Hawaii Launches Red Hill Resource Hub

    University of Hawaii Launches Red Hill Resource Hub

    As the prepares to begin draining the Navy's underground Red Hill fuel storage facility next month, the University of Hawaii at Manoa has launched the Red Hill Information Hub, which it describes as a “one stop shop of the latest information, data and tools that can also be used for education, communication and research.”

    In a Sunday news release, the university said the hub is led by the UH Red Hill Task , which operates out of the UH Manoa Water Resources Research Center. According to the release, UH's National Disaster Preparedness Training Center supported the research center with the creation of the hub, and UH faculty, staff and students across the Manoa campus and Leeward Community College, independent scientists and community members have also contributed.

    The Red Hill facility's massive storage tanks, which currently hold 104 million gallons of fuel, sit just 100 feet above a critical aquifer most of Oahu depends on for drinking water. For years the  Board of Water Supply and others warned that it posed a threat to the island's water supply. In November 2021, fuel from the facility tainted the Navy's Oahu water system that serves 93, 000 people, including military families and local civilians in former military housing areas, making many sick.

    “This knowledge product directly addresses the expressed data needs of community members, builds on and complements existing data…

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