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    Air Force Refocuses ‘Zero Week’ of Boot Camp in Hopes of Getting More Recruits Through

    Air Force Refocuses ‘Zero Week' of Boot Camp in Hopes of Getting More Recruits Through

    and Space Force recruits' first five days of basic training at Joint San Antonio-Lackland, Texas, will be different starting next month as the services focus on stress management, nutritional guidance and sleep hygiene to increase the odds of those recruits getting through.

    The changes, set to take place the first week of October, will reorganize many of the existing classes that teach airmen and Guardians the basics of physical fitness, training and wellness throughout the 7½ weeks of boot and front-loads their first five days — called “zero week” — with that information.

    Keeping airmen and Guardians in the service and making sure they make it through basic military training has become a top priority for the Department of the Air Force as it grapples with one of the toughest recruiting environments in decades.

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    “By aligning training modules together that address human performance factors such as sleep hygiene, stress management and nutrition, along with allowing trainees to build relationships with their teammates, we can directly impact a trainee's path,” Lt. Col. Daniel Cassidy, director of human performance for the 37th Training Wing, said in a press release.

    While no new curriculum is being introduced, it's being rearranged in the hopes that it'll give…

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