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    I’m a Top Gun-Trained Fighter Pilot. I’d Make More Money as an Airline Pilot, But It Wouldn’t be as Fulfilling.

    I'm a Top Gun-Trained Fighter Pilot. I'd Make More Money as an Airline Pilot, But It Wouldn't be as Fulfilling.

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    This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Lt. Cmdr. John Tortorich, a pilot in the US Navy. It has been edited for length and clarity.

    The Naval Academy wasn't on my radar in high school, but being a successful swimmer got me noticed by their college recruiters.

    My grandfather and uncle were also Navy reservists in the 1950s. The application process was pretty arduous: There's a fitness test and medical screening, and, generally, academies have pretty low acceptance rates. I also had to get nominated by a member of Congress from Louisiana — my home state — to even be considered.

    I was a strong swimmer, so naturally I thought I'd become a Navy . During the first two years in college, that was my goal.

    It all changed the first time I flew in a T-34 aircraft. It was 2010, the summer between my sophomore and junior years.

    We had to do a monthlong program where you're introduced for one week to each of the Navy's four “communities”: Marine Corps, surface warfare, submarines, and aviation.

    At the time, I was nervous about flying and told the pilot as much when I got into the single-engine propeller plane. He was supportive, and by the time we'd landed I was set on becoming an aviator.

    It was a turning point for my career in the Navy

    During senior year, I put “Navy Pilot” as my first preference for a postgraduation assignment, and, thankfully, I…

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