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    2 Marine Corps Ospreys Diverted After ‘Cockpit Caution’ Warnings Force Landing in Japan

    2 Marine Corps Ospreys Diverted After ‘Cockpit Caution' Warnings Force Landing in Japan

    Within two hours of each other, two Marine V-22 Ospreys diverted Thursday due to “cockpit caution indications” in the aircraft while flying near 's southwestern island chain.

    The aircraft landed safely, according to the service, and no injuries or fatalities were reported by the Marine Corps on Thursday.

    Maintenance teams are evaluating the Ospreys — which landed on islands more than 400 miles apart — and the aircraft were to return to Futenma Air Station on Okinawa once deemed ready for flight. Outside of the warning indicators, the Marine Corps did not say what specific issue caused the flights to divert.

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    “Operating [​​III Marine Expeditionary ] aircraft safely and effectively is a top priority,” Maj. Rob Martins, a spokesperson for the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing on Okinawa, told .com on Thursday.

    One aircraft diverted at roughly 1:45 p.m. local time and landed at Amami Airfield, which is on an island about 200 miles of mainland Japan. The other aircraft, which was flying alongside another V-22 Osprey, received a similar “cockpit caution indication” two hours later and landed at Japan's Ishigaki Airport, which is near the east coast of Taiwan.

    The flight diversions come two weeks after a V-22 Osprey crashed during a routine multinational training event in Australia, killing both pilots and the…

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