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    North Korea’s Kim Vows Full Support for Russia’s ‘Just Fight’ After Viewing Launchpads with Putin

    North Korea's Kim Vows Full Support for Russia's ‘Just Fight' After Viewing Launchpads with Putin

    , South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed support for 's “just fight” during a summit with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that the U.S. warned could lead to a deal to supply ammunition for Moscow's war in .

    After touring launch pads with Putin at a remote space in Russia's Far East, Kim expressed “full and unconditional support” and said Pyongyang will always stand with Moscow on the “anti-imperialist” front.

    The leaders met at the Vostochny Cosmodrome for a summit that underscores how their interests are aligning in the face of their countries' separate, intensifying confrontations with the United States. The talks lasted four to five hours, after which Kim left, Russia's state news agency RIA Novosti reported.

    North Korea may have tens of millions of aging artillery shells and rockets based on Soviet designs that could give a huge boost to the Russian army in Ukraine, analysts say.

    The decision to meet at Cosmodrome, Russia's most important launch center on its own soil, suggests that Kim is seeking Russian help developing military reconnaissance satellites, which he has described as crucial to enhance the threat of his nuclear-capable missiles.

    In recent months, North Korea has repeatedly failed in attempts to put its first military spy satellite into orbit.

    But either buying arms from or providing rocket technology to North Korea would violate…

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