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    The Green Weenie Can Be Whatever Color You Want in the New ‘Terminal Lance’ Coloring Book

    The Green Weenie Can Be Whatever Color You Want in the New ‘Terminal Lance' Coloring Book

    It's extremely difficult to lob verbal insults at U.S. Marines. That's not because it's hard to think of reasons to make fun of them, but because they will absorb any and all name-calling into their own lore. While terms like “leatherneck” and “jarhead” started out as slurs and are now proudly worn by Marines of all ages, no insult ever aimed at Marines has been co-opted and adopted quite like “crayon eater.”

    A at both the literacy and dietary choices of Marines, the would-be insult has spawned an entire ecosystem of related ephemera since its inception. Active-duty and veteran Marines have created crayon-flavored beer, crayon hot cocoa and even edible chocolate crayons that actually color. It's enough to make anyone wonder why it took so long to make a Marine-oriented coloring book.

    Leave it to “Terminal Lance” creator Maximilian Uriarte to make one, “Coloring for Marines,” that might keep Marines from eating the crayons long enough to actually color it.

    From “Coloring for Marines” by Maximilian Uriarte. (via Terminal Lance on X)

    “I have a 2-year-old toddler, and he really loves coloring books,” Uriarte told .com. “He had some coloring books sitting around, and I was flipping through them and thought to myself that this could be a really fun thing to do with ‘Terminal Lance.' With the ‘Marines eat crayons' meme floating around, it seemed almost too perfect not to…

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