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    Berlin Wall Relic Gets a ‘Second Life’ on US-Mexico Border as Biden Adds Barriers

    Berlin Wall Relic Gets a ‘Second Life’ on US-Mexico Border as Biden Adds Barriers

    TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — As the U.S. government built its latest stretch of border wall, Mexico made a statement of its own by laying remains of the Wall a few steps away.

    The 3-ton pockmarked, gray concrete slab sits between a bullring, a lighthouse and the border wall, which extends into the Pacific Ocean.

    “May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges,” reads the inscription below the towering Cold War relic, attributed to Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero and titled, “A World Without Walls.”

    For Caballero, like many of Tijuana's 2 million residents, the U.S. wall is personal and political, a part of the 's fabric and a fact of life. She considers herself a migrant, having moved from the southern Mexico city of Oaxaca when she was 2 with her mother, who fled “the vicious cycle of poverty, physical abuse and illiteracy.”

    The installation opened Aug. 13 at a ceremony with Caballero and Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico's former foreign secretary who is now a leading presidential candidate.

    Caballero, 41, is married to an Iranian man who became a U.S. citizen and lives in the United States. She and their 9-year-old son used to cross the border between Tijuana and San .

    Since June, Caballero has lived in a barracks in Tijuana, saying she acted on credible threats against her brought to her attention by U.S. intelligence officials and a recommendation…

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