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    Think You Saw a UFO? The Pentagon Wants to Hear From You

    Think You Saw a UFO? The Pentagon Wants to Hear From You

    — The world's largest says it's serious about investigating unexplained objects in America's skies and will ask service members — and eventually ordinary people — to submit what they think might be alien sightings.

    That reporting feature will be included on a a website — — that the Pentagon is launching as part of efforts to detail its work to get to the bottom of a slew of incidents in recent years. Those encounters have confounded the national security establishment and provoked accusations that the government is covering up what it knows.

    The website will document the Defense Department's unclassified work on what it describes as “unidentified anomalous phenomena” and will offer links to reports, frequently asked questions and other data for alien hunters.

    It will include a secure way to submit sightings “for consideration and review,” Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder told reporters Thursday. That feature is aimed at dispelling what some fighter pilots have said was a stigma against reporting what they believe could be encounters with extraterrestrial life.

    Initially, only service members and civilian Pentagon employees will be able to submit reports. As for regular Americans? “That is something that we will look to do in the future but I don't have an estimate right now in terms of when the public will be able to submit reports,” Ryder…

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