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    VA Says It’s Closing In on a Goal to House 38,000 Veterans This Year

    VA Says It's Closing In on a Goal to House 38,000 Veterans This Year

    With four months to go until the end of the calendar year, the Department of Veterans Affairs is nearly 70% of the way to achieving a 2023 goal to provide permanent housing for 38,000 homeless veterans.

    As of July 31, the VA had placed 26,470 veterans in permanent housing, with 97% of those remaining housed, according to Jill Albanese, director of clinical operations at the department.

    The goal of 38,000 was the same in 2023 as it was in 2022, when the VA housed 40,041 people. But with 6% of those veterans having returned to the streets, the VA set a goal guaranteeing that at least 95% of this year's newly housed veterans would get the assistance and support they need to remain in a home.

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    Albanese said that, so far, 97% of those provided housing this year remain housed, and the VA has worked toward rehousing roughly 680 of those who returned to homelessness. The department also is well on its way to meeting another goal for 2023 — to engage with at least 28,000 unsheltered veterans to help them obtain housing and services, having reached 24,285 veterans.

    “These goals do build on the VA's success in housing more than 40,000 veterans in … 2022 and all these efforts are built around an evidence-based ‘housing first' approach, which prioritizes getting veterans into housing and then assisting them with the wraparound services they…

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