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    ‘This Is Horrible’: Homeless Veterans Are Being Buried in Paupers’ Graves Near Fort Moore

    ‘This Is Horrible': Homeless Veterans Are Being Buried in Paupers' Graves Near Fort Moore

    Columbus has long been a home to veterans of the with Moore, formerly Fort Benning, having been a part of the area for over 100 years.

    Some of these veterans struggle with life after the military. And in Columbus, some veterans are becoming homeless and dying alone and being buried in pauper graves.

    While services for veterans are available through the Veterans Administration, sometimes these benefits aren't easily accessible to veterans. A few local individuals and organizations are helping to both help homeless veterans and preserve the memory of those veterans who have passed away.

    As a result, a developing trend that is disturbing to those monitoring veterans and their plight is that homeless and indigent veterans are being buried in pauper graves within Columbus.

    One of those watching the problem develop is Patricia Liddell. As a member of American Legion Post 333 in Columbus, Liddell works with the families of veterans who have died to help ensure they receive a funeral with full military honors.

    Liddell has helped multiple families make sure their loved ones are sent off with the honor they deserve and with comrades there to wish them goodbye.

    She said she's usually notified before a homeless or indigent veteran is buried so she can arrange for a full military funeral at Fort Mitchell in Alabama. However, this isn't always the case.

    In some instances soldiers are buried in pauper graves…

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