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    ‘We Were Never Alone. The Coast Guard Was Always There with Us’: City Celebrates Station Gloucester

    ‘We Were Never Alone. The Coast Guard Was Always There with Us': City Celebrates Station Gloucester

    As Gloucester 400+ committee members and speakers honored the long service of Coast Guard Station Gloucester during an Appreciation Day at the station Friday morning, rain and wind lashed the windows of the mess deck where the ceremony took place.

    As the squall intensified, the wind drove water under the outside door and onto the floor as if the small boat station on Loop were taking on water.

    Some said this symbolized the way Coast Guard Station Gloucester has been watching over Gloucester's fishing fleet and boaters caught in storms since 1901. And station members appreciated being a part of America's oldest seaport.

    “It's truly a privilege and an honor to be able to serve and in the of Gloucester,” said Commanding Officer James Bridges. Bridges, who also served in Gloucester in the early 2000s, said he will have served a total of eight years when he is finished with his present tour.

    “There's no place I'd rather be,” Bridges said.

    Speakers honored the professionalism, sacrifices and risks of station personnel in protecting commercial fishermen and others out at sea. The tribute was held during Gloucester Fisheries Heritage Month during the year-long Gloucester 400+ anniversary celebration.

    “It's inconceivable that we could think about celebrating the 400th anniversary of this city without celebrating the mariners and the service people of Coast Guard Station Gloucester,” said state Sen….

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