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    New Army Program Helps Some Reserve Soldiers Find Child Care

    New Army Program Helps Some Reserve Soldiers Find Child Care

    The has launched a program in two locations to help reserve members find child care services and help ease the burden of searching for qualified, licensed providers.

    Service officials said Thursday that Army Reserve members in West Liberty, Iowa, and Clay County, Missouri, would now have access to WeeCare Company, a child care matching service that connects families with vetted providers.

    “The Army recognizes the impact that child care has on the lives of our soldiers and their families,” Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations Lt. Gen. Kevin Vereen said in a press release. “Through increased initiatives to identify and secure accessible and affordable child care options, we enable our parents to fulfill their responsibilities without sacrificing the well-being of their children.”

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    A 2021 survey by the Military Family Advisory Network of 8,638 active-duty, reserve and National Guard members or their spouses, found that almost half said they needed child care, and 78% reported having trouble finding child care.

    To assist service members with such a stressful task, the Defense Department has embraced several initiatives in the past several years, such as building child development centers and offering hiring incentives and improved wages to attract providers to centers.

    In November, it will launch a…

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