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    It’s Time for a National Security Strategy for Military Recruiting

    It's Time for a National Security Strategy for Military Recruiting

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    Our armed forces are shrinking in size and capacity. The current crisis in military recruiting qualifies as a direct threat to U.S. national security.

    In just two years, the active duty has shrunk from 485,000 to only 452,000 troops. It expects to fall short of its recruiting goals again this year. The Navy and are predicting shortfalls as well. As a result, our nation will have under-strength Army formations, Navy ships and Air Force squadrons—at a time when America is depending on its military to a greater degree than in the previous three decades.

    The recruitment crisis is fueled by a variety of factors. Among them: a strong labor market paired with noncompetitive compensation, a declining number of Americans qualified for service, concerns about politicization, a fear of injury, and a general decline in patriotism felt by young people combined with a lack of familiarity with the military.

    The military is working overtime to improve its recruiting, by starting preparation courses, better incentivizing its recruiters and retooling its marketing campaigns. But the fact remains that most of the factors inhibiting recruitment lie outside the military's control. Overcoming…

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