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    A Coast Guard Academy Graduate’s Harassment Story

    A Coast Guard Academy Graduate's Harassment Story

      — When news broke in June that the United States Coast Guard had covered up the results of an internal investigation into decades of sexual misconduct at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, one newly minted graduate had to confront her own disclosure issue.

    Friends urged her to go public with her story, which she'd been reluctant to do.

    It's a story from a female cadet who experienced bullying and verbal harassment rather than sexual abuse. Having survived it, the 23-year-old has embarked on the five-year Coast Guard service commitment she agreed to fulfill upon graduation, and she's eager to consign her treatment at the academy to the past. Telling her story might help her achieve that goal, she reasoned.

    The Day granted her anonymity because of her fear of retaliation.

    The harassment she described, which ultimately included attacks on her reputation, including a false allusion to promiscuity on her part, began during her junior year in the fall of 2021, soon after she began dating a member of the academy's men's soccer team.

    Right away, two of her boyfriend's teammates, in particular, had a problem with the relationship and began trying to push her away, she said, targeting her with verbal abuse and “spreading rumors” about her among as many cadets as possible.

    “I'd sit down at a table and one of them would get up and leave,” she said. “They'd talk about me. Personal stuff, that my boyfriend was too good…

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