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    Ukrainian Minister Says He Fears Russia Has ‘No Red Lines’ to Prevent Attacks on Nuclear Plant

    Ukrainian Minister Says He Fears Russia Has ‘No Red Lines' to Prevent Attacks on Nuclear Plant

    , Ukraine — The catastrophic collapse of a dam in southern Ukraine has made Kyiv worried that might stage an attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant to foment panic and quell Ukrainian advances on the frontline, Ukraine's energy minister said Monday.

    Herman Halushchenko said the destruction of the dam while under Russian control in the Kherson region proved “there are no red lines” for . He said it warrants the level of alarm Ukraine's leadership has been raising in recent weeks of an alleged Russian ploy to attack the nuclear plant in a possible false flag operation.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy alleged last week, citing intelligence reports, that Russian troops placed “objects resembling explosives” atop several units to “simulate” an attack. Drone and satellite images obtained by the Associated Press showed unidentified white objects on the roof of the plant's fourth power unit, but Ukrainian leaders have so far been unable to provide further evidence.

    While Russia accuses Ukraine of bombarding the Kakhovka dam, Kyiv blames Moscow for the attack on the dam in late May, which triggered a humanitarian crisis and caused widespread ecological devastation. An AP investigation found that Moscow had the means and motive to carry out the attack.

    Halushchenko said he and Zelenskyy had raised alarms as early as October 2022 that the Russians could plant mines to blow up the…

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