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    NATO’s Unity Will Be Tested at Summit in Vilnius

    NATO’s Unity Will Be Tested at Summit in Vilnius

    (AP) — As the Russian invasion of continues with no end in sight, NATO's much-celebrated unity faces fresh strains when leaders gather for their annual summit this week in Vilnius, .

    The world's biggest security alliance is struggling to reach an agreement on admitting Sweden as its 32nd member. spending by member nations still lags behind longstanding goals. And an inability to compromise over who should serve as NATO's next leader forced an extension of the current secretary general's term for an extra year.

    Perhaps most thorny are questions over how Ukraine should be eased into the alliance. Some maintain admitting Ukraine to NATO would be the fulfillment of a promise made years ago and a necessary step to deter Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. Others are fearful it would be seen as a provocation that could spiral into an even wider conflict.

    Bickering among friends is not uncommon, and the current catalogue of disputes pales in comparison to past fears that Donald Trump would turn his back on the alliance during his presidency. However, the challenges come at a moment when President Joe Biden and his counterparts are heavily invested in demonstrating harmony among members.

    “Any fissure, any lack of solidarity provides an opportunity for those who would oppose the alliance,” said Douglas Lute, who served as U.S. ambassador to NATO under President Barack…

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